Should You Hear the Music?


If all lyrics are poems
but not all poems are lyrics
why do we insist on certain forms

some believe that poems should always rhyme
others that they should never
yet still some demand they have a beat

whether it’s hip-hop
syncopated, or pop
sometimes we just have to stop…

and realize that life is in the eye of the beholder
and the beholder may make poetry their life
in their own eye they are fine

yet some make it
others too artsy and high flown

but it is all still poetry
we may not like to say that every middle schooler
writing “Edgy” poetry is a poet

it may not rhyme
it could rhyme
it may have a beat

but should we hear the music
or do say it should so we don’t leave
A comfortable bubble in our writing

the poetry awaits
many just have to ask:
should it be confined?


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