Love Poem

I sit there
ten feet behind.
You stand there
and I hope you wouldn’t mind
if I said something stupid
to get your attention.

You may not walk right,
you may not talk right,
but there ain’t nothin’ wrong with feelin’ strong.

I’ve been there too.
Now I don’t walk right
and I don’t talk right
but when I see you I…

I can’t move
I become an oven
and this may sound stupid
if I was to tell you all this
or if I were to hand you this
but all I want to hand you is myself
not some facade of adulthood
not some guise of maturity.

But I don’t know…

The others who see it
they leave me alone
or lose interest,
but I don’t think you have
at the very least you tolerate
you tolerate and realize what you
see in front of you
was there before
it was me
all along
all the same
but prior under the facade
you couldn’t tell
you couldn’t care.

You’ve done for me
what I wish others would have
you cared for me,
you shared with me
your moments of bliss
your moments of sorrow
I was your emotional punching bag
and I loved it,|
because when I saw you through punches
through the tears running down
from your eyes to your cheeks
from your cheeks to the floor,
I saw you
the real you
not the guise of adulthood
not the facade of maturity
but who you really were.

You used to be alone
I used to be by myself
but I went and said something stupid
neither of us talked right
neither of us walked right
but it didn’t matter
we were ourselves
we were in love


we are in love.


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